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Why should you include them in your product catalog?


Water-based multisurface enamels are an excellent option for customers looking for an eco-friendly alternative to paint their indoor and outdoor furniture and accessories.

Solvent-based products are often based on chemical components that can emit toxic vapors during application and drying, while water-based enamels like Orolux do not contain toxic components and do not produce strong odors, making them ideal for use in indoor spaces.

Their formula is free of aliphatic and aromatic solvents and toxic pigments, which provides a pleasant experience for home use. This is undoubtedly the most environmentally friendly and healthy option for people who use them.

What certifications does Orolux provide?

Ecolabel-and-A+The entire range of Orolux water-based enamels has an A+ Indoor Air Quality declaration and is endorsed with the Ecolabel, the European eco-label used for the best product performance with the lowest possible environmental impact.

certificado-uso-juguetes-en EN71-3It complies with the safety standard for toys UNE-EN 71-3, providing a guarantee of protection when coating elements that come into daily contact with the youngest members of the household, such as toys or children’s furniture.


certified B-s1,d0 fire retardantIt has a fire reaction certification with a classification of B-s1,d0 according to the European standard EN UNE 13501. This means that, in the event of a fire, surfaces made of materials such as metal or plaster coated with Orolux will have lower combustibility, generate less smoke and toxic particles, and there will be a total absence of inflamed particles that could act as sources of new fires.


What are the advantages of Orolux water-based enamels?

In addition to being safe products, Orolux water-based enamels offer other advantages. Firstly, they achieve an excellent covering finish with good leveling and washability with just one coat of application.

They also offer excellent adhesion and proven durability. Once applied, the enamels form a resistant and durable impermeable layer that protects the surface from oxidation (metal), scratches, and impacts. This means that the customer can obtain a high-quality finish that will last for a long time.


Another advantage is that they are very versatile and can be used on a wide variety of surfaces. They can be applied on wood, metal, PVC, ceramic, glass, and plaster, among others, if they are properly prepared and clean. This makes them an ideal choice for the restoration and renovation of furniture, doors, windows, and any masonry surface in general.

They have a high drying speed. Within minutes, we will notice that they are completely dry to the touch. As usual, in this type of application, as well as any other coating work, it is important to consider that the drying time is highly influenced by the weight, type and condition of the support, and the environmental conditions of the place where the drying activity takes place.

They are also resistant to moisture and water, which combined with their good elasticity, makes them ideal for use on surfaces that will be exposed to outdoor conditions or moisture, such as garden furniture.


What steps should be recommended for a proper application of Orolux?

It is important to keep in mind that the application of any water-based enamel requires a suitable preparation of the surface on which it will be applied. The surface must be clean, dry and free of any type of contaminant such as dust or grease before applying the enamel. It is also recommended to sand the surface to promote adhesion and achieve proper adherence of the product, which will help the customer achieve the best results.

If the painted areas are in good condition, the enamel can be applied directly after brushing the surface. However, if they are in poor condition, it is best to completely remove the old paint before applying.

On unpainted surfaces, it is advisable to clean and remove residues and imperfections. Once clean, substrates such as aluminum, galvanized, steel (indoors without moisture), ceramic or glass surfaces, plaster, concrete or cement can have the enamel applied directly.

Orolux enamels from Oropal are available in matte finish (Orolux 220), satin finish (Orolux 222), and glossy finish (Orolux 224), all in a wide variety of colors that contribute to unleashing the imagination to create a variety of decorative effects and styles.

If you are a paint distributor or perform decoration tasks for individuals, Orolux multisurface water-based enamels are an excellent option to include in your product catalog.

Their versatility, durability, safety, and variety of finishes and colors make them an ideal option to offer to your customers.

Download the Orolux color chart and remember that you are not limited to the colors we propose. Thanks to the Kolore Tintometric System, you can customize the product in the color that the customer wants.

Download the Orolux color chart and remember that you are not limited to the colors we propose. Thanks to the Kolore Tintometric System, you can customize the product in the color that the customer wants.



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