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Oropal’s research and experience over 100 years of history have shown that using appropriate anti-corrosion coating systems can greatly extend the working life of metal substrates, effectively preventing the financial damage caused by rust.

There is now a growing societal awareness around the environment, leading to stricter regulations. At Oropal, we ensure that we meet the highest standards for anti-corrosion protection while also prioritising environmental sustainability.

Oropal offers anti-corrosion protection systems approved according to European Standard UNE EN ISO 12944 for all corrosive environments. Validation tests have been carried out at Cidetec’s Surface Engineering Technology Centre.


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Factors to take into account to find the right anti-corrosion protection coating system

One very important factor to ensure success with an anti-corrosion protection system is preparing the surface.

Ensuring proper cleaning before applying an anti-corrosion system is essential for maximum protection and effectiveness. The article about preparing the surface deals with all types of surfaces and the different cleaning options.

Once the surface has been duly prepared, a qualified professional must choose and apply the appropriate system based on durability requirements. Why do we say this? Because different types of systems may be required to ensure protection, depending on the corrosive environment.

Corrosive environments can vary, with factors such as humidity and salinity playing a role; a humid urban or rural atmosphere is different from an industrial area near the coast with high humidity and salinity, such as lighthouses or gantry cranes, and each environment requires a specific system.


Industrial building in urban area with high humidity.


Gantry crane in an industrial zone with high humidity, located in a coastal area



Types of corrosive atmospheres

European Standard UNE-EN ISO 12944-2:2018 must be used to identify the corrosive atmosphere. This sets out the rating of the different environments.

Download the Corrosive Atmospheres Table (PDF) with the rating.

Simply identifying the corrosive atmosphere is not enough. Establishing the future maintenance regularity (durability) required for the system is essential in order to determine the best painting system with anti-corrosion protection for the surface.

The durability framework introduced in Standard UNE-EN ISO 12944-1:2018 provides an estimate of the paint’s expected working life and the time frame before maintenance is required. The Standard provides approximate data, but does not guarantee accuracy.

  • LOW durability (L): Up to 7 years
  • MEDIUM Durability (M): 7 to 15 years
  • HIGH durability (H): 15 to 25 years
  • VERY HIGH Durability (VH): Over 25 years

Having defined all this information, we can now select the Oropal anti-corrosion system that best suits our needs.


Which Oropal anti-corrosion coating systems are there?

Oropal has anti-corrosion systems for any type of atmosphere based on the recommendations of the Standard. Moreover, the research carried out by our engineers and the use of cutting-edge raw materials has allowed us to develop innovative processes that not only protect the steel but also keep the amount of coating required to a minimum, bringing cost savings for our customers compared to those proposed in the Standard.

We therefore promote sustainability by maximising durability while reducing the amount of paint. This means we get the double benefit of extending the product’s working life and also reducing environmental impacts throughout the life cycle, from production through to applying the coating.

Category C2

Standards stipulating the protection period, resin base and dry film thickness start from corrosion protection classification C2 onwards.


Unheated buildings where condensation may occur: Warehouses, sports halls…


Low-pollution atmospheres: Humid rural areas.


Category C3

C3 is the first high-quality anti-corrosion protection category. In this category, it is preferable to use two-component products to meet higher requirements.


Industrial environments with high humidity and some air pollution: Launderettes, bars, industrial buildings, residential buildings, top-floor apartments.


Urban and industrial environments with moderate sulphur dioxide pollution: Low salinity coastal areas.


Category C4

Rating C4 represents excellent anti-corrosion protection at the highest level. Three-layer systems or two-layer systems with high thickness are mainly used for these application areas. Nevertheless, OROPAL can provide maximum C4MA protection with only 120 microns.


These can be found in: Swimming pools, shipyards, chemical plants.


Industrial zones and coastal areas with moderate salinity: Chemical plants, bridges, industrial and residential buildings.



In the C4MA category, we now have an anti-corrosion system that reduces paint consumption by 54%. This ensures protection lasting over 25 years, according to Standard UNE-EN ISO 12944-1:2018, bringing significant savings in paint consumption.


Category C5

Category C5 is for industrial and marine areas in very aggressive environments, which require the highest protection from corrosion. They therefore require superior quality two-component processes, applied such as to leave a thick film. OROPAL, meanwhile, provides C5A protection with only 120 microns.


Buildings or areas with permanent condensation and high contamination.


Industrial areas with high humidity and aggressive atmosphere: High-salinity coastal areas. Lighthouses, gantry cranes


All our anti-corrosion coating systems comply with European Standard UNE EN ISO 12944 for all corrosive environments. Many of them result in a significant decrease in paint consumption. To ensure optimum protection from corrosion, we recommend asking for systems with innovative technology endorsed by CIDETEC.

Which corrosive environment do you want to protect?
Ask our specialists. They will advise you on the most suitable system for your needs.

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