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What is OROPAL? The brand of paints for professionals

Oropal is the brand of paits for professionals with a history of over 100 years, specializing in offering high-quality products for both the industrial and decorative sectors. Founded in 1923 by Franco Hermanos S.A., Oropal has established itself as a leader in the paint industry due to its commitment to quality and innovation. Today, it is part of Irurena Group, a company focused on providing comprehensive solutions in the paint sector.


History and Legacy of Oropal

Since its founding in 1923, Oropal has maintained a steadfast commitment to excellence. Over its 100-year history, the brand has evolved and adapted to meet changing market demands, ensuring its ongoing relevance and success.

Wide Range of Products

Explore the Oropal brand through its diverse range of products:


Oropal offers a varied range of products designed to meet the needs of professionals and homeowners in the decoration field:

Water-based paint for walls and ceilings: Ideal for achieving perfect finishes indoors.
Façade paint: Designed to withstand weather conditions while maintaining color and protection.
Enamels: Providing durable and aesthetically pleasing finishes.
Paint for sports facilities: Resilient and suitable for high-wear surfaces.
Waterproofers for façades and leaks: Protects and extends the lifespan of buildings.
Primers and sealants: Essential base for any painting project.
Colour mixing: Wide range of custom colors for any project.


In the industrial sector, Oropal stands out for its innovation and quality in specific products:

1-component primers:

Synthetic primers
Water-based primers
Vinyl primers
Zinc-rich primers

2-component primers:

High-solids primers
Zinc-rich primers
Wash-primer primers

1-component finishes:

Hammered-finish enamels
Metallic enamels
Rustproof iron enamels
Quick-drying finishes
Chlorinated rubbers
Water-based finishes

2-component finishes:

Polyurethane enamels
Epoxy enamels
Food-grade epoxy

Flooring and Pavements

Road marking paint
Primers and finishes for floors
Self-leveling system
Polyurethane varnish for indoor wood

Anti-corrosion Products

Commitment to Innovation and Sustainability

The company has demonstrated a strong commitment to innovation and sustainability, continuing to develop products that not only meet rigorous quality standards but are also designed with an environmentally conscious approach.


Oropal has earned a prominent place in the paint market thanks to its dedication to quality, innovation, and customer service. The brand continues to evolve and adapt to new market trends and needs, ensuring its ongoing relevance and success. With over a century of experience, Oropal remains synonymous with excellence in the paint sector.

Discover the essence of OROPAL, the brand of paits for professionals, on our website:


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