Pigment pastes 9700

Pigment pastes

Range of pigment pastes, highly compatible with a wide variety of industrial products such as quick-drying enamels, chlorinated rubbers, polyurethanes and epoxies. Manufactured with high quality pigments and resistance to the outdoor environment. The excellent fluidity of the pastes makes them an ideal product for use in industrial colour mixing systems, guaranteeing a wide range of colours. High colour fastness.


  • 1 Kg


  • 6

Notable Features

Great compatibility

Application Data

Colour Chart

  • White 9702
  • Lemon yellow 9710
  • Oxyde yellow 9713
  • Medium yellow 9714
  • Orange 9720
  • Deep red 9730
  • Ruby 9732
  • Rust red 9733
  • Magenta 9734
  • Green 9750
  • Blue 9760
  • Violet 9761
  • Black 9771





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